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LidoChem, Inc. has been involved in the global search for reliable and dedicated suppliers of chemical raw materials since 1981. Today, LidoChem, Inc. distributes products manufactured by these "new" suppliers to the fertilizer and industrial accounts nation-wide through its Chemical Raw Material Division.

LidoChem, Inc.'s Chemical Raw Material Division (Go There) is a full-service bulk and packaged chemical distributor that prides itself in providing the personal service that only family owned businesses can. With distribution centers strategically located in four states - New Jersey, Illinois, California, and Florida - they can respond to customer needs promptly and efficiently.

LidoChem, Inc.'s head office is staffed with experienced and dedicated employees with expertise in US Customs matters, inventory management, distribution and logistics, sales and marketing, regulatory compliance and customer service. As a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors and an active participant in the Responsible Distribution Process, LidoChem's customers and suppliers are assured of high safety and quality control.

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CK Life Sciences' Eco-fertilizer NutriSmartTM Successfully Improved Yields of Lycium and Orchids


LidoChem, Inc.'s Performance Nutrition Division (Go There) was established in 1994 with a mission to search out new products and technologies for the agricultural and turf markets. The Performance Nutrition product line of turf management products and performance fertilizers is tailored to meet the ever-increasing demand for new and safer plant and turf disease control and nutritional products.

Working with some of the most innovative companies world-wide, the Performance Nutrition division has assembled an ever expanding array of unique and powerful bio-pesticides, biodegradable chelated micronutrient solutions and specialty performance fertilizers that are not only effective but environmentally and applicator friendly as well. Performance Nutrition products are sold across the country by local dealers familiar with the local growing practices and problems.

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