Sodium Lauryl Sulphate – Needles and Powders

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is an oleo chemical based anionic surfactant presenting high active needles, powder and agglomerates. We carry high active matter from 70% to 95%.

The products have excellent properties for a wide range of applications. The unique production including wiped film drying system results in high quality particle sizes for all forms. Applications include dry mix formulations, detergent powders, washing tablets, compact powders, toiletry formulations, hair care and bath personal care products, and multipurpose cleaners and shampoos.   The manufacture of heavy-duty laundry (HDL) powders and laundry tablets, and has been developed and optimized to perform balanced foaming and improved solubility at normal and low wash temperatures. Sodium lauryl sulphate is readily biodegradable.